Welcome To A4 Games

A4 Games is a web site for anyone who wishes to freely download and print ancient board games to play. I have produced the vector graphics for this site so that they can be printed on A4 paper, which is the standard paper size for most printers.

The Games List page has a full range of games. (A pdf link for each game with instructions, layout and route of play, along with printable counters and spinner dice, can be found at the top of each game page. Right click on the link for the pop-up menu to save the file to your desktop. Alternatively, left click the link to open from the site.Clip 1

The printable counters and spinner-dice will need to be cut out and stuck on card; the game boards can either be cut out and stuck on card, or played on the paper on a flat surface. Alternatively, use the pieces and dice from another game if they can be utilised.

The pdf text for each game is in English. However, I have included a page-link below the introductory text on each game page; these page-links are pages that replicate the rules, route and layouts of the games that appear in each game’s pdf. This does means that one can use Google Translate to read the rules in another language other than English directly from the page. One can then just print off the game and pieces from the pdf for that game, which can be obtained from the link at the top of the game page.
Clip 2A4 Games is a site for both adults and children. Playing the games will probable appear more interesting if one uses their initiative and endeavour to find everyday objects to use as playing pieces and forms of dice. See Dice, Pieces and Boards page.

The exact rules of play for certain games are un-known; however, these games can be played in various ways based on information put forth by historians. The rules and routes in the pdf’s on this site are the ones I prefer to play, but you can ‘internet search’ for different versions. Better still, make your own rules and routes of play. Simply put, just have fun.

With the exception of the vector graphics and certain text by myself, I have had to incorporate on this site pictures and text from the internet. Nothing on this site is being used to make money and is completely free for all to use. To those whose pictures and text appear on this site, I would personally like to say: ‘thank you’.

The Full History Of Board Games with Dr Irving Finkel: https://medium.com/swlh/the-full-history-of-board-games-5e622811ce89